About to launch!


We’re very close to launching our first game, Texas Hold’em Poker +. The excitement level is very high around the office to finally, after nearly a year of development and hand work, to be able to put out our first product.

We love the game. It’s unique from the other Poker games out there in a few ways:
1. We’re generous! We don’t believe in taking commission or chips away from players for playing the game. We’ve got bonuses every day, a bonus every 4 hours, and gifts and rewards you can give/receive from your friends. There are enough chips to go around that will keep you playing for free.
2. Competition is exciting and central to our games Рwe have unique invite friends to your table features
3. We’ve got numerous play options to suit all players. You can play small bets or play as a super trillionaire high roller. There are fast speed rooms and special room matching that will match you up with other players of similar skill level.

We’re close to launch. Stay tuned.

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